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My Role

Product Designer





Ctrl is a management platform for the construction industry. The personalized solution that meets the needs of all stakeholders to control and create a shared project culture with fewer conflicts and more control over the entire system and project management. The system connects to innovative third-party technologies to offer customers a complete range of solutions.

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The Challenge

Teaming up with another designer, I took on the challenge of revamping the "ctrl" system—both the app and web platform. I had to quickly learn all about the construction industry, understanding on-site work methods, paperwork, and overall operations. This learning curve became the driving force for creating solutions that directly tackled practical challenges in the industry. The challenge wasn't just about redesigning a system; it was about making industry intricacies work seamlessly with user-friendly design.

The Goal

In revamping the "ctrl" system, our key focus was on seamlessly incorporating cutting-edge design principles into both the application and web platform. The overarching objective was to not only enhance user experience and functionality but also to specifically address the distinctive challenges posed by the construction industry.

UX & Design

As the nature of this work is confidential, I won't be able to show any project visuals for the time being. 
However, I can describe the work I've done, so let's talk :) 

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