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My Role

UI Designer


Manhattan Five Partners



STDNT is a co-living building in New York City that caters specifically to students. The website and app allow users to explore and rent available units, update their personal information, and engage with the community.

The website and app are both tailored specifically for the tenants, with features that allow them to interact with each other and request services such as maintenance and housekeeping. The tenants can edit their profiles and chat with other tenants which helps to create a sense of community in the building.


1_home page.png

The Project

I was in charge of the UI design of the website and the app. I created the look and feel of the website and the app, including the layout, color scheme, typography, and overall visual aesthetic. I had to consider how the design will support the overall user experience and meet the needs of the target audience.

The Challenge

STDNT Share is a platform that caters specifically to external students who are looking for an apartment in New York City. The challenge is to design the website so that it encourages the students to want to live in this building and to rent a unit online. To convey through the design an atmosphere of community, security, and of course the vibes of New York City.

My Process

To understand my product, I had to understand the market my product lives in, the competition in front of us, and most of all, the users. Their needs, their pain points, and their expectations. To achieve this, I had to go through a few steps:

1. Research student life in NYC

2. Explore the competitors

3. Search for design conventions

4. Differentiate our clients and their characteristics

Research and Conclusions

After researching the student's life in NY I learned that most of the students there are external students that cames from all over the world and one of the main reasons our users decided to move to study in NYC is that they want to experience the urban lifestyle of NY.

After they are accepted to school they start looking for a place to live in the city and then they'll search online for an apartment. There are a lot of competitors that are providing apartments for students in NY online.

Therefore I came to the conclusion that is important to provide the users with all the necessary information and to supply them with a lot of photos of the units. This can help the students make an informed decision about where to live and can also help the website stand out among competitors. In addition to providing detailed information about the apartments, we need to use high-quality photos to showcase the features and layout of the space. This can give the users a better idea of what the apartment looks like and can help them visualize themselves living there

The Design

​Based on my research and on the main goal of the design: to let the users have the secure feeling of renting a unit online, I've decided to design the website with minimalistic modern shapes that reflect the urban lifestyle of the city and combine it with pastel colors that add the feeling of coziness and home. 

I Used two different typefaces, one serif, and one sans serif to create a visual hierarchy and improve the overall design and readability of the website. The serif font adds a formal and structured look, while the sans serif typeface provides a modern and minimalistic feel. By combining these two typefaces, I created a modern and formal design that is visually appealing and easy to read.

Brand Colors

Main screens

Home screen
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Result screen
Space screen
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24_application form.png
Application form
STDNT System
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App Screens
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