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My Role

Single Product Designer





Madlan X is a management system for real estate brokers, where you can create and sign contracts easily and quickly at any place and time, without needing unnecessary paperwork and without missing opportunities.

The system allows you to see and track the firm's performance in an overall micro/macro picture, and follow the progress of the signing. It also allows you to monitor business activity and generate smart reports and statistics, which will help you conduct yourself more effectively. The system launched its MVP in October 2022, and I designed it from the first research to the final Ui screens.

Macbook Pro - MadlanX.png


The Challenge

These days the real estate market in Israel is raising and there is a huge demand for buying and renting properties. Most of the dealings between the real estate agent and the clients are managed by both parties signing paper agreements, which creates a lot of paperwork for the agent.  MadlanX has come to replace the outdated paper agreements and to move forward to a digital system where they can sign up all their clients.

The Goal

To create a digital standardized platform for the papers and agreements that need to be filled out between the client and the agent, which will create easily agreements that will be delivered fast to the clients.

Market Research

At the beginning of my research, I search for competitive companies and found one main company that controls the Israeli market and a lot of the real estate agents that moved forward to the digital system are using it.

User Research

At this point, I interviewed 4 real estate agents who work with the Madlan website, I asked them about their communication with their clients, how they currently manage their client portfolios, what is the difficulty with the contracts, and what they would be happy to have in the new digital system.

Conclusions and insights

The main conclusions from the interviews are:

  • The signing actions - "signing an interested client" and "signing a property owner" are the most important and they should be primary and central so that it is easy and convenient to access them.

  • The contracts should be sent via WhatsApp directly to the customer's phone

    It is important to edit and change the template of existing contracts so that the editing will be easy and understandable.

  • To allow uploading Excel files with a list of existing customers and properties



High fidelity Wireframes

Creating an agremeant- Happy flow

The main action is to create agreements. The buttons for these actions appear on the home screen, after clicking on one of them a form will open in which you have to fill in the name of the property and the customers to whom the agreement should be sent, after filling out the form, the contract will be sent directly to the customers.

sigments flow.png

UI Design

I designed the screens based on the design system of Madlan website - which this system belongs to. 

Brand Colors

Main Screens

Home Screen

This screen is a dashboard with all the main actions ( signing property owner, adding a new client, etc.).  A list of all the latest activities filtered by date, status, and action.

interested hover.png
Signing customer form

The user can create a contract easily by filling in the content and sending it quickly to the customer for signing.

Result screen

All the homes that found accordingly to the search

Clients Screen

In this screen, the user can see a list containing the client's details (phone number, area interests, budgets, etc) the screen allows the user to filter a client by preference. Create a new client and automatically upload and parse an excel sheet into the system.

76 Clients.png
Client Details Screen

Here the user can edit the client's details, see all his agreements and use possible action buttons related to this customer.

80 Client page.png
Properties Screen

In this screen, the user can see a list containing the property details (address, owner, price, etc) the screen allows the user to filter a property by preference. Add new property and automatically upload and parse an excel sheet into the system.

112 Properties.png
Property Details Screen

Here the user can edit the property details, see all the attached agreements and use possible action buttons related to this property.

118 Property page.png
Agreements Screen

The user can see a list of all his agreements and details (date, client, property). The screen allows the user to filter agreements by preference. Create a new agreement.

129 agremants.png
Agreement Editor

Here the user can edit the agreement format  by changing the text  and the fields and creating a new one

137 Agreements editor.png
MadlanX 2.png
Home screen

Get to know the neighborhood and get all the information about the facilities

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