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My Role

Single Product Designer


Live Person


2021- 2023

Brenda connects users with accredited therapists online, offering access to experienced professionals dedicated to enhancing relationships and fostering personal happiness. Brenda emphasizes user autonomy, featuring flexible payment plans, diverse communication options, and the freedom to work with multiple therapists all seamlessly through online sessions.

Frame 2366 1.png


The Challenge

Brenda appeals to users who need therapy and all the treatment and the search for a therapist are done online in the app. In the therapy world, most people are treated by face-to-face therapists who have heard reviews about them from relatives or friends.

The Goal

To make the therapy process as easy and convenient as possible so that the users can find the answers they are looking for. To let them have the ability to establish a good relationship with the therapist they choose, to define how they would like to communicate with their therapist. To make the therapy journey more secure and relaxed.

Competitive Analysis & Market Research

To begin my research, I started looking at the competitors and similar platforms, analyzing their UX, and UI user flows.

Top issues that came up from the research:

  • To let the user know all the information he needs to know about the therapist, to let him feel secured

  • In order to engage the user let him see all the available time slots of the therapist before he decides to purchase a plan.

Group 1.png

App Structure

In order to make the process of finding the right therapist easy, I designed a straightforward navigation structure.

  • After signing up or just visiting as a guest the user can explore the extensive profile pages of our therapists and watch their introduction videos.

  • Choose the therapist that he would most like to work with and select the plan which best suits his needs and lifestyle to get started.

  • On the home page, he can see immediately his next session and schedule the next one

user flow.png

High Fidelity Wireframes

After I finish with the research and the main flow I create all the screens in wireframes and make sure that it meets all the functional requirements, as well as any edge cases that may arise.

Frame 3.png

UI Design

The design system is based on the brand's primary goal of finding the perfect therapist for each user. Calm, fresh yet confident colors help build trust in the psychologist and convey a sense of security

Brand Colors

Main Screens

Log In / Sign Up screens

The first screen of the app after the splash screen is the Sign in screen, This screen presents users with several options to access the app, including logging in with an existing account, creating a new account, or proceeding as a guest without an account.

Log in_2.png
Create account_6.png
Verification Code_4.png
Onboarding screens

After logging in, users are presented with a series of onboarding screens that aim to introduce them to the app and guide them on navigating and utilizing its features. The onboarding is optional and can be skipped by the users at any time.

Explore screen

After completing the onboarding screens, users are allowed to explore the app's directory of therapists and find a therapist that best suits their needs. This is accomplished by scrolling through a list of available therapists or by using the app's filtering options to narrow down the selection based on various criteria such as location, specialties, and availability.

Explore full screens_2.png
Explore full screens_2.png
Therapist screen

On the therapist's profile screen, the user can view a video introduction from the therapist, learn about their professional background, including education and experience, and read reviews from previous clients. The user can also easily purchase a therapy plan by clicking on the prominently displayed "Choose a Plan" button.

Single Consultent.png
Single Consultent 2.png
Single Consultent 3.png
Checkout screens

After the user has selected a therapist, they are presented with a variety of therapy plans to choose from. They can review the plans and select the one that best meets their needs and budget. Once a plan is selected, the user is directed to the checkout screen where they can complete the payment process.

Single Consultent _plan not selected 26.png
no credit card.png
Single Consultent _Standard Plus plan_thank you _23.png
Book a session screens

To schedule a therapy session, the user first needs to select a day on the calendar view. Once a day is selected, the user can browse through the available time slots and select one that works for them. If the user is unable to find a suitable time slot on the selected day, they can easily navigate back to the calendar view and select another day to find a more suitable time.

Home_add more sessions_schedule pop up_10.png
Home_add more sessions_schedule pop up_12.png
Home_add more sessions_schedule pop up_14.png
Home screen

Once the user has found a suitable therapist, they can view all of their upcoming sessions, schedule new sessions, send text messages to the therapist, and reschedule or cancel existing sessions.

Home_1 plan_5.png
Home_1 plan_6.png
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